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Looking For An Editor? Why?

Hey, my fellow writers,
You can edit your own manuscript when you use this ground breaking software, Master Edit, and guess what? You own it for life. No monthly fees. It’s very affordable.
This is the end of your journey to find an affordable editor because you can edit your own novel, story, article, etc. It’s even great for college writing you have to do.  You’re going to watch your writing transform into polished, ready to publish works.

You will finally edit your own writing.

I created this software because I was inspired to edit my own writing, and I created something that changed my writing career, and it can change yours, too. The only way to prove this is to show you it in action, so I’ve made several videos doing just that. They are free to watch on Youtube, but before we get into that …
We’re talking about another level of writing.

The #1 Reason You’re Not Writing/Editing like a Pro

You’re Not Able To See Your Work Objectively.

You Don’t Know Exactly What to Edit.

That’s why I created Master Edit, so I could see the errors in my writing and fix them. I could not see if I used a repeated word or phrase a few paragraphs apart, but Master Edit fixed that problem with just one easy click.
I showed the software to a few of my writing friends, and they loved it. They were like, why don’t you sell this so others can benefit from it? They jumped for joy at how easy it made editing their writing. So, I did just that. I hired a programmer to build me the software, and I designed all the graphics to make it look good.

So what does it do?

With a click of your mouse, it highlights the weaknesses in your manuscript. Now, it doesn’t do spell check and that sort of thing. That is for Word. This does what no other software does.
It allows you to view your manuscript as if you were an editor. In fact, even if you are a professional editor, it will speed up your work flow.
I get emails all the time from people saying how much they love Master Edit.
“Hey, Neil, thank you so much for creating this software. I can’t believe it’s so inexpensive for everything it does. I never thought I’d be able to edit my own manuscripts, and now I can.”
If you are like me, then you want to be published, and to be published, your work needs to be edited to a professional level. Master Edit makes that possible, not only the software, but the free video lessons it comes with, showing you how to use each function, and how to edit. Also the PDF teaches you how to edit your manuscripts with Master Edit. So you get the software and free teaching.
A few magazine have purchased my short stories, and it’s only because Master Edit let me edit my own work. I couldn’t afford to hire an editor.
I am now using the software to edit my novels so that I can get them published.
To get started with Master Edit, you don’t even need to install anything. The software runs independently. You just click the exe, and the software opens up. You can save it to flash drive, etc.

So what flaws will Master Edit find in your manuscript?

•Highlights repeated words and phrases. It is nearly impossible for editors to find all repeated words and phrases, but Master Edit does it in seconds. I love this one.
• Highlights weak words and phrases. This saves me a lot of time. Now I don’t have to manually search for weak words like, was, felt, saw, sound, etc.
•Highlights short, medium, and long sentences
In different colors: red, blue, and green. I use this to get a quick visual of my manuscript, to see if I have too many short, medium, or long sentences next to each other.
•Highlights speech tags. Quickly see if you need to remove a few speech tags.
• Which Hunter highlights, which, that, who, whose, where, allowing you to quickly locate these problematic words. Then you can rewrite as necessary.
• Highlights conjunctions. I use this all the time. The most abused sentence is the compound sentence. This will make your story that much more exciting to read.
• Instant Paramedic Method. No longer must you manually circle “of” “on” or the suffix “ion.” With one click, this highlights the following: of, for, by, in, on, unto, into, a, an, the — ion, ity, ness, ly. Quickly find those abused adverbs.
• Highlights “ing” words that start a sentence. Many writers begin a sentence too often with a participle phrase, but they can fix that easily now.
• Highlights all “ing” words. It’s easy to overuse “ing” words, but now you can quickly find them.
• Tells you how many sentences are in your text and the average word count. You want an average of 9-15 words per sentence.
And with the free video lessons that come with the software, you will be able to finally edit your own writing and get published.
So why hire an editor? Why not get started now with editing your own work?

Click here to buy your remarkable editing software now for only $29.95 …

And get all the bonus video lessons.

P.S. 70% of people that don’t buy right now, never buy at all. It’s a sad statistic because this software is only $29.95, and you own it for life. It will transform you into your own editor.  That is priceless.

You will save THOUSANDS of dollars by editing your own writing, and Master Edit makes it that much easier to do it like a pro.
Don’t click off this page without buying your new software. You’ll end up regretting it. I know I would.

So just click here to buy it now.